Fruit Pizza.

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Fruit Pizza

It was one of those Saturday’s where I felt the need to bake something beautiful and keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t fail. Thankfully, this was a success (yasssss!!!) I saw a similar recipe on a food blog (who I can’t remember the name of.) And with the sun shining so much recently, I thought this would be perfect as it’s not too heavy- fyi, I think I mention the weather in nearly all of my posts…you wouldn’t know I’m British or anything.

This was SooOoO easy to make and is one of those recipes you can change up by adding different fruits. It also ~looks~ good (as you can see it’s super photogenic) which is a bonus for anyone who is all about the aesthetics of food.

Fruit Pizza Recipe



Flowers and Pizza


tart desert


A Week In Portugal.

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Red Flowers


Close-up of Red Flowers

Putting Green


Tennis Courts

The Pool

Legs in the Pool

Pool and Flowers


Rock Climbing
Climbing the Rocks
Sea bashing against rocks

Sea View from the Rocks

Pirate Ship

Carveiro Beach

Sight-seeing, cultural walking and wandering has my heart. I may be a stereotypical millennial cliché, just traipsing around the same old hipster area as everybody else but I love it. Which is why I’d *usually* always opt for a city break. However.. a big however. This year I went back to Portugal with my family and had ~the~ most relaxing week of the year (so far.)

After taking a few hours to actually locate our villa, we arrived and my fears of not seeing a spectacular building (I’m not an architect or anything but I really appreciate a good building) was no longer present as it was heavenly inside and out. From the modern décor, a balcony with a sea view to the tennis courts- it had ~everything~.
We stayed -just- outside of our usual destination Carvoeiro, but still ventured into the town each night.

I spent most of the days laying flat sunning on a lounger, flicking flying beetles that landed on us, having dips in the pool, watching Portuguese Netflix from my walk in shower and eating my body weight in fish for dinner. We also had a mini golf tournament on our putting green- which reminds me we never actually finished it. As well as, a walk on the cliffs/climbing rocks whilst wearing a mini skirt and espadrilles. It was the ultimate relaxation break (even though I feel like I now need another one) but at least the sun is starting to make an appearance in England.


Drink Up!

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Hello Summer.png

I am currently writing this in 32C heat and yes I live in the UK!

Summer is definitely here, although I am not sure how long it will last…

The most important thing to do in this heat is keep hydrated. I love drinking water but, I enjoy mixing things up when I get home from work and in this weather it feels great to sip on something more tasty whilst soaking up the sunshine.

I think the most refreshing drink ever is a Mojito and I love making my own!
Here is my tasty recipe for a Virgin Mojito…

(For 1 serving…)
1/2 glass of Crushed Ice
1/2 glass of Lemonade
1/4 glass of Apple Juice
1 tsp. of Sugar
Mint Leaves
1/2 Lime

Start by crushing your ice and putting it into your glass.

Next add your lemonade.

Now add your apple juice. Feel free to add White Rum to make an alcoholic mojito.

Cut up a lime and add half of it to your mixture.

Next tear your mint leaves from the stem, add the leaves to your glass and mix.

Add your teaspoon of sugar.

Mix it all together.

Serve and enjoy!