Finding a Balance.



Last week I felt stressed, a newer strain of stress. The best way I can label it, is adult stress. I’ve felt exam stress/school stress and all the stress which comes with being a 14 year old. But this week it’s felt like it’s all been down to grown-up things. It’s as if I had so much to do, my head was swimming. I struggled balancing everything… Finding time to work, sleep, eat, work-out, clean and fit in all of other things that I actually WANTED to do. Like a bubble bath, playing with my dog, having a phone call with my cousin- who I haven’t spoken to in over 6 months!

Personally, I believe that the millennial generation gets stressed due to trying to find a balance. A balance between working hard enough to feel proud of yourself, but not working so hard that you run yourself into a whirlpool of exhaustion and stress.
A balance between saving money for your own future, but still having enough to have a social life.

I’m not saying that this didn’t exist in every other generation- because it’s clear it did. But I think we tend to spend a lot more of the ~precious~ time we have scrolling through social media, which other generations never had the privilege to do, unfortunately they were looking ahead instead of at a screen. (Pls say you got that sarcasm.)

What I’m trying to say, is we struggle to find a balance because we care a little too much about everything/everybody else. You need to do you and not anyone else.

Today I went for a dog walk, I watched my fluffy animal run around the park like a proud Mother as the sun shined. Sun, fresh air & dogs- what more could you ask for? I got home, ran a bubble bath and lay there content, just enjoying the little things.

Then I picked up my phone and the app scrolling began. Bank balance lower than expected. Twitter heaving full of people who think they’re politicians. Over to Instagram, What!? She’s gone to Bali? He’s hot. Oh, I love her outfit, wish I could afford another ASOS order. Then the pressures of all things start; I need to save this amount of money, I need to write that post, remember to pay that, I should really answer that email, I need to phone him, remember to get petrol. I wonder if I will ever be able to afford to move out. Why is the world such an awful place? Am I doing enough? Am I failing? All of those feelings of happiness have faded into the background and have been replaced with the fear of not living up to the expectations I’ve set for myself.

But this is just life. Life gets in the way. Thoughts of life consume us. But it’s important to find the balance, just to try a little harder to enjoy the little moments, rather than letting things get in the way. To not waste it refreshing Instagram.