Fruit Pizza.

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Fruit Pizza

It was one of those Saturday’s where I felt the need to bake something beautiful and keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t fail. Thankfully, this was a success (yasssss!!!) I saw a similar recipe on a food blog (who I can’t remember the name of.) And with the sun shining so much recently, I thought this would be perfect as it’s not too heavy- fyi, I think I mention the weather in nearly all of my posts…you wouldn’t know I’m British or anything.

This was SooOoO easy to make and is one of those recipes you can change up by adding different fruits. It also ~looks~ good (as you can see it’s super photogenic) which is a bonus for anyone who is all about the aesthetics of food.

Fruit Pizza Recipe



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What you will need:
2/3 Sheets of paper
Sticky tape
200g white chocolate melted
Green food colouring
200g rice krispies
Icing sugar

These were SO easy and fun to make! They actually look so realistic and would be perfect for a desert table decoration (which guests can also eat!)

-Fold and tape your paper into cone shapes.
-In a bowel add your melted white chocolate, green food colouring (until the mixture is very green) and rice krispies.
-Mix until the rice krispies are covered.
-Spoon the mixture into the cone shapes.
-Refrigerate for 1 hour.
-Once refrigerated, carefully peel off the paper and stand them up.
-Next, decorate how you like. I dusted icing sugar to look like snow!