4 films you should be watching right now.

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I could sit here and pretend that I much prefer meditating, cleaning and going to yoga than being under a blanket with a good film on the TV, but unfortunately that is not true.

I’ve always loved films. I love the way they make you escape and take you completely away from reality. And even more so, I love how they make you so emotional. To filling you with happiness, to making you sob, to making your heart race with fear for a character; who in that moment feels real.

I recently purchased the Amazon Fire Stick and along with that signed up to Amazon Prime. Don’t worry… I’m still staying loyal to Netflix I mean, who could betray Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars? But I was getting a little tired of the same old films on Netflix. So here are my top 4 that I think everyone should be watching…
~get your popcorn ready~

Eye In The Sky.
Alan Rickman, my man. This was his last film and although he doesn’t have the biggest part he still steals the show.
This modern warfare film is so so relevant to what’s going on in some parts of the world right now. It shows three sides to a story; military, political and civilian. For me, it really opened my eyes some of the military decisions vs political decisions that must go on and the ultimate consequences that we ignore.

Bad Moms.
This is such a good post-Sunday roast dinner film. When you just want a light-hearted film to laugh at and not take too seriously. I think a lot Mum’s will be able to relate to this , I’m not a Mum and still found it so funny and entertaining.

So this tells the story of Oasis and in their own words. I am clearly biased on this one as they are one of my favourite bands. But it’s really really interesting, capturing their journey which makes me wish I was around to have seen it. It goes back to their difficult background and shows how much they deserve their success.

The Choice.
This has fast become one of my favourite films, if not my favourite. I remember the day I first watched it; I woke up on New Years Day ready to start a new year, with the flu (I promise it was the flu and not a hangover.) I was bed bound and felt like life was coming to an end. Which is why I was watching about 54651 films feeling sorry for myself, but this one stood out. It actually made me feel better, apart from sobbing for about 3 hours. Since then, I must have watched it about 10 times. Obviously, it’s a Nicholas Sparks novel so you can kind of guess the storyline but it’s just ~SooOoOoo~ good.

 Do you have any films to add? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Hump Day everyone ❤


Films and Popcorn

2 thoughts on “4 films you should be watching right now.

  1. The Choice is a perfect film minus the heartbreak that goes on in it haha😬 If you loved The Choice, you should read See Me, another amazing Nicholas Sparks novel xxx

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