My Book Picks.


My Book Picks

I love hearing different opinions on a book. I think that’s what is so fascinating about them, you can interpret a book however your imagination wants you to. People can take completely different messages and meanings from them. So, here are some of my favourite books- and if you’ve read any of them ~pls pls~ let me know what you thought!

I am Malala- Malala Yousafzai.

This is the kinda girl we should all be aspiring to be. In the society most of us now live in, we have the opportunity to constantly voice our opinion. Whether that be to each other, on social media, in writing, education etc. And when we do so we may agree, debate, disagree but we are never *usually* hurt or punished for it. Yet take someone like Malala, who voiced her opinion and stood up for education and got shot in the head for it. However, she recovered and is now standing up even higher and shouting even louder so those without a voice that can be heard. This book teaches you about what is so so wrong in this world, as well as teaching us about how much an impact and inspiration just one person can have- no matter who they are, or where they come from.

I am Malala

The Queens Bed- Elizabeth’s Bedfellows.

I rarely read non-fiction which includes history books but there’s just something about royal history that fascinates me. Probably because there was sooo much scandal and most of it was true- it’s like real life Gossip Girl!

Women- Charles Bukowski.

I’m a loveeeee Charles Bukowski, his novels are almost autobiographical. Women is written from Henry Chinaski’s perspective, who is said to be Bukoswkis alter-ego. His writing definitely isn’t for everyone. I was a tiny bit apprehensive as I read reviews that regarded the book as v sexist. But, I actually found it really funny. He’s pretty straight to point but it’s actually refreshing to read books like his.


Falling Awake- Alice Oswald.

Since this book, I hadn’t read a poem since A-Level English, I’m not sure what made me buy it but I’m so glad I did. I like picking this up when I’m procrastinating or bored. It’s just something that occupies your mind that isn’t pointless.

Falling Awake

Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte.

What I love about classic literature is the language. At first, I hate it and really struggle to get into the book, but after a few chapters it’s like you’ve learnt a new language. It’s a really emotional book as there’s so much innocence and vulnerability. (And obviously very cliche, but perfect hopeless romantics.)

Queer- William S. Burroughs.
It baffles me that this book was written in 1950’s but not published until 1980’s due to the story line being about homo-sexual relationship. It’s dark and funny but also is a nod to what an amazing writer he was. Burroughs was gay himself, so the book is a bit of a depiction of his life. He actually lived on the edge of society in a post- war America.



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