Travelling to Eat: the Ultimate Pleasure in Life.

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If you love food, then you probably have a love for travel as well. Eating some exquisite Asian cuisines or classic American diner-style food from the comfort of your town is great, but have you ever wondered what real Asian food tastes like, or how delicious proper American-style food would be? Travelling to eat isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly something that has been gaining a lot more traction thanks to informative food blogs like and YouTube superstars who travel, eat and record their findings for people to drool over and convince them to travel.

So do you want to travel to eat? You’re going to need commitment, a strong stomach, and a handy guide to keep you informed…

Picking a destination
The best way to pick a place to go is to simply read up on blogs or watch YouTube videos of various locations. You should start with something local, such as a well-known restaurant or fast food place in your city or even over in the next city. Once you’ve conquered your local area and feel confident enough to spread your wings, you can head over to neighbouring states, nearby countries or even fly across the world on a culinary tour. For instance, you could visit Thailand to try their delicious authentic pad thai, green curry or tom yum goong, a spicy and sour shrimp soup.

Preparing documentation
The first thing you’re going to need is a passport. If you haven’t got one yet, then it doesn’t take long or much money to apply for one, and they’re usually valid for a very long time, meaning you can keep reusing it to travel to more destinations. You’re also going to need other travel documentation such as a visa. For instance, if you travel to the United States, you can get a visa through official channels, or you can use an alternative such as an ESTA from Make sure that you apply for these kinds of documents as soon as possible because they can take a very long time to process depending on the volume of requests they get.

Packing your equipment
If you want to record all of your travels, then make sure you take a decent camera to capture all of your memories in amazing detail. If you prefer to use a smartphone, then check out this list at to get a good idea of what phones have great cameras. If you’re going to be out and about, then you want to take portable battery banks as well to ensure your devices don’t run out of juice. If you want to edit videos and upload footage to your social media pages or your personal blog, then it’s a good idea to get a laptop as well.

Forming a budget
When you eat in other countries, it’s a good idea to get a grasp of how much a meal is going to cost so that you don’t carry too much or too little money with you. When researching places to eat, reviewers often include the price they paid for food, so that should give you a rough estimate of how much money to take with you on your holiday.

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