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Every time I listen to The 1975, which is at least daily I get reminded how amazingly talented they are and how crazy it is they are not known by every single person. Last week I was lucky enough to see them live for the second time at Reading Festival– check out the post if you haven’t already. They killed it on Sunday night and I left the NME stage feeling immensely proud after seeing how huge the crowd has grown in the past two years. Their return to Reading was even more glorious than before as they now had their newest album to play- ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It’. Their newest album is full depth and beauty. It’s a total game-changer for me, it’s full of demons and dark times- something that makes their music art and completely stand out from the rest.


For anyone who doesn’t know, The 1975 are an English band from Manchester their music is a blend of ethereal 80s alternative pop rock. Their music is different and I get it isn’t for everyone but, it’s just sooo good. Every song is totally different but at the same time they have their own sound that flows through each song. The 1975 aren’t played on every radio station like big hit pop songs are, which personally frustrates me… I’m not having a dig at mainstream pop music as some of it is still good stuff however, I just feel like it’s suffocating. The same beats and drops it’s like The 1975 let you breathe and is so refreshing. They are such a contrast and I think it’s sooo good having that contrast.


From the ethereal vibes, to the tune, the instruments and they are just lyrical genius’… Not a lot of bands/artists make records where the lyrics overlap into different songs and link. Every song of theirs tells a story and are so abstract which leaves you having to really think and work out what it’s about. They are also relatable. I think some of the songs expose vulnerability and I think that’s why it’s so easy to relate to the songs, as it’s such a common emotion that everyone feels no matter who you are.


 The 1975 ooze passion for what they do and for music and that’s something I think is so important. They seem like they may have no idea where they’re heading but they love music.

I have to say seeing them on Sunday will go down as one of the best moments.

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