Drink Up!

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I am currently writing this in 32C heat and yes I live in the UK!

Summer is definitely here, although I am not sure how long it will last…

The most important thing to do in this heat is keep hydrated. I love drinking water but, I enjoy mixing things up when I get home from work and in this weather it feels great to sip on something more tasty whilst soaking up the sunshine.

I think the most refreshing drink ever is a Mojito and I love making my own!
Here is my tasty recipe for a Virgin Mojito…

(For 1 serving…)
1/2 glass of Crushed Ice
1/2 glass of Lemonade
1/4 glass of Apple Juice
1 tsp. of Sugar
Mint Leaves
1/2 Lime

Start by crushing your ice and putting it into your glass.

Next add your lemonade.

Now add your apple juice. Feel free to add White Rum to make an alcoholic mojito.

Cut up a lime and add half of it to your mixture.

Next tear your mint leaves from the stem, add the leaves to your glass and mix.

Add your teaspoon of sugar.

Mix it all together.

Serve and enjoy!

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