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I definitely miss the numerous holidays we had off school to sit around and do whatever we wanted. My most favourite thing to do would be to binge-watch TV shows all day and finally get out of bed to see my friends in the evening.
Unfortunately becoming an adult means doing adult-like things and I no longer get to binge-watch TV shows, however I still manage to cram episodes in the evenings in.

I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite TV shows of all time, which I am and probably always will be obsessed with.

1. Gossip Girl.

I will always be utterly obsessed with Gossip Girl. The six seasons follow a group of teenagers growing up in the Upper East side of New York, it’s filled with friendship, romance, betrayal and so much more. I constantly re-watch the show because I miss it too much.

2. Grey’s Anatomy.

This has to be the most emotional TV show I have ever watched. In nearly every episode I’ve both laughed and cried. The drama is centred on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

3. Pretty Little Liars.

PLL is a mystery-thriller which follows five girls who are being threatened by an anonymous foe trying to uncover their darkest secrets. It had me captured from the start!

4. White Collar.

White Collar
I really didn’t except to love White Collar as much as I did. It’s a great show about an intelligent con artist who ends up working for a FBI agent to solve white collar crime.

5. War & Peace.

W&P is a recent short TV show following the fortunes and the rise and fall of five aristocratic families in the waning days of imperial Russia. It is an excellent adaptation and has to be one of the greatest period dramas I’ve seen.

What are you favourite TV shows?
Do you have any recommendations?


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