Wedding Guests.

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Wedding season is here and that means wedding guests are now planning their outfits for the summer nuptials ahead.

Choosing what and what not to wear to a wedding can be difficult, regardless of your role at the wedding or relation to the bride and groom to be. I’ve spent the past few months hunting high and low for my ‘perfect’ outfit, ready for a wedding next week.
Finally, I’ve found what I wanted, so I thought I’d share my top tips, rules and recommendations for getting it right.

Don’t wear white!
This is definitely a sin of the wedding world.

Go vintage.
Really hunt around for a dress/outfit that is different, this means you will avoid the same-dress situation and will provide you with lots of compliments.

Fit your outfit to the venue e.g. Don’t wear anything too revealing if it’s a church wedding.

Do not upstage the bride.
Avoid dresses with trains filled with sequins that scream look at me.

Don’t dress too casually.
If dresses aren’t your thing, look into investing in a jumpsuit or cigarette pants and a blazer.

Wear colour.
This season makes it the perfect time to wear bright colours or pretty pastels.
(Be sure to check in advanced what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing.)

Avoid wearing black.
Remember it’s a wedding not a funeral and especially for summer weddings black is a no.

Ensure you invest in comfortable shoes- (that look good of course) it is likely that you will be standing for a while, walking to different rooms and not to mention the dancing that goes on until late. Thinner stiletto shoes are a no go if you will be standing on grass, or walking on cobbled ground.

Winter Weddings.
Winter weddings give the perfect opportunity to wear faux fur.

Ensure your outfit is comfortable and will remain comfortable for the day-night.
Keep in mind you may be eating, dancing and drinking…

Wedding G

1. ASOS- their wedding guest edit is amazing. It’s filled with hundreds of different pieces, including suits, dresses, jumpsuits and they have plus size.

2. Whistles- they are a little more on the more pricey side but, are great quality and really beautiful.

3. Chi Chi London- I recently discovered Chi Chi London and love their dresses. They are all suitable for weddings and are all sooo lovely.

4. Hobbs- again on the pricey side and are targeted at a more older demographic. However, I think their pieces are so classic and timeless.

5. House of Fraser- HoF have soo many outfits in their wedding dress boutique that are perfect and pretty, along with lots of different brands.

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