June Favourites.

Beauty, Fashion, Food, Life

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Cairo.

This is a really beautiful colour, it’s very neutral and subtle but still very noticeable.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Copenhagen.
I have always been obsessed with a bold lip and I saw this colour on a Zoella video and knew I had to have it, it didn’t disappoint!


ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses- Pink.
I love love love these sunglasses, they are like matte rubber plastic material and I also ordered them in black. However, I’ve been reaching for the pink way more. I think I’ve had a nudey/pinky theme going on for the past month. You will notice the theme…


Barry M Molten Metal Nail Polish- Copper Mine.
The theme continues… I didn’t wear pink nail polish for years until I found this colour and now I am always wearing it. It’s a really pretty rose gold colour.


Zara Round Neck Coat- Pastel Pink.
I have a very dangerous coat obsession and I think that’s why I love winter because it means coat shopping! In the summer people usually enjoy being coatless and embrace it. Not me… I mean I don’t wear thick warm coats, but thinner jackets that are of a summery colour. This pastel jacket is perfect for one of my summer jackets. I usually end taking it off wherever I go. However, in the UK it can rain at any time so I just use the excuse ‘just in-case!’


Paris Hanging Photos- 

I ordered these little photos from eBay a while back but I completely forgot about them. So, I finally got around to digging them out and decided to hang them.


Bruschetta- Mix for Bruschetta.

I love Italian food and I cook lots of Italian food. This little jar is ready made mix, all you have to do is grill or toast your bread and add this on top! It tastes amazing and is so easy and quick.


The Real Housewives of Melbourne.
Reality shows are definitely my guilty pleasure and this show is sooo good!
The Australian accent is music to my ears so it makes it even easier to binge watch this show. I’m already feeling v sad to finish season 3, even though I just started it!
It’s so funny and fully of drama and gossip like any RHO… show.


Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. 
This will always be one of my favourite perfumes however, I haven’t been using it as much as I usually do. However, I was reminded when I sprayed it last month how much I love it and I think I used it every single day in June!


Wilko Rocco Silver Photo Frames.
These photo frames really complete my bedroom, they are great value for money but look expensive.


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