Visit to Chartwell.

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I recently visited Chartwell with my Nan and Grandad. Chartwell was Sir Winston Churchill’s adult home and is full of art and history. Located in Kent, I’m really lucky to live only twenty minutes away. Churchill and his wife Clementine bought the property in 1922 and sold the property to a Lord in 1946. However, when he died his wife presented the property to the National Trust and that is why the public are allowed to view the house and the grounds.


When I visit historic buildings as soon as I walk in, I get this feeling. It’s a kind of overwhelming feeling, knowing that significant people who changed the country/world have actually lived in the building you are standing in.
They would have made so many memories within the walls surrounding you and experienced so many emotions.


Unfortunately I was not permitted take pictures inside the house, but not having my phone/camera in my hand the whole time made me focus more on what I was looking at and taking it all in. The whole house is filled with treasures and memorabilia, the walls are covered in Churchill’s incredible paintings and there is an amazing room upstairs filled with information and objects he was given by different important people and countries.


It feels amazing walking around the house and the grounds, I think it’s due knowing he must have made so many huge decisions in there, whilst also sharing many amazing times with his family.

I would definitely recommend visiting Chartwell, I learnt so much and it’s crazy to actually be in the house of a Prime Minister who was so influential and had such an effect on the United Kingdom.



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