Shopping Online.



There is nothing I love more than sitting indoors comfy as hell and having a good online shop. I have to admit I am a shopaholic and a serial online shopper. I always say I would be rich if the internet didn’t exist.


My favourite place to shop online has to be ASOS, although I need to calm down with my ASOS hauls. I want to give you my top tips for shopping online safely, by safely I mean your order arrives filled with items that are right for you and you haven’t spent too much money.

My top tips on clothes shopping…

-Ensure you are buying from a secure website- tend to stick to the popular websites to avoid any scams or dodgy companies.

-Look at their returns policy!Returns

-Scan through the site in detail. Look at each and every page of what you’re looking for, instead of settling for the first thing you like the look of.

-Remember to check what the item is ‘About’ check what the item is made out, the size the model wears, zips, fastening etc. If you know certain materials or fastenings aren’t so flattering on you do not go for it.


-Only look at items that you know suit you and make you feel most comfortable in.

-Think of practicality! I always go for dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits. This way I know I won’t need to find other items for it go with. For example, I will only by skirts and trousers if I have a top in mind, or I have a top in my basket that goes. There is nothing worse than finding a great piece and realising you need now find something to pair with it.

-Remember the SALE. Check if the site has a sale and see if you can find anything that takes your fancy. Or see if they have any offers or codes such as, ‘Enter this code at the check out for free delivery.” This has definitely saved me money.


-Use the ‘Saved Items’ or ‘Wish List’ tool. I have loads of items stored in this area and I can keep going back to see if the item is back in stock or on sale.
Saved Items

-Don’t buy for the sake of it. Don’t buy something if you don’t LOVE it or if you have something similar. Always think-do I really need this?

-Take your time! Do not rush to buy your items, sit and think or even go back to the items in a few days/weeks.

-Be sensible/realistic. Do not get in debt or spend money you shouldn’t be spending, I know it’s hard, but it’s not worth the worry and guilt after the order. Which leaves you wondering were you are going to find the money to pay bills.

-Use vouchers, promo codes, discounts and gift cards. Always use these and have a look on different websites if you can find any.

-Try to find a cheaper alternative!!! This is my favourite tip. For example, I had seen some black joggers on ASOS for £20, I only needed them to lounge around in. I decided to see if I could find any on eBay and found some for £7.99 (brand new and pretty much exactly the same.) Don’t be scared to try this for items that are simple and items where you don’t require high quality.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips.


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