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I’m currently having a lazy Sunday under a blanket, watching Gossip Girl whilst bolts of lightening and rain falls outside. As much as I enjoy the sound and love a good storm, it has made me think about what I was doing this time last year. This has me reminiscing about the trip my Mum and I took to Florence. (I apologise for the photography! This was when I didn’t know how to take very good photos and the quality is shocking!)

We only visited Florence for the weekend and we could have done with an extra day or two to explore more of it’s beauty.
I would say it’s more of a trip/break than a holiday as such, as it’s somewhere to go to ‘sight-see’ the amazing history and culture, rather than stay in a hotel and lay around a pool. We stayed in the centre of Florence and it was nice to be so central. The San Lorenzo Church is literally next door so it was lovely to be so near.


We spent our time in Florence visiting all of the greatest treasures. We pretty much walked around the whole of Florence by the end of the weekend so, we managed to see most of the landmarks. I photographed a lot but, to be honest everywhere you look in Florence there is beauty and history so it was impossible to capture everything. In addition, we went on a dusk trip around Florence’s greatest landmarks which included dinner. It was great to have a tour guide who was from Florence. He was so passionate about his city and knew so much. It was really amazing to listen to his knowledge and hear how proud he was of his home. If I had to pick, my favourite parts would be- Michelangelo Square (The view!!!!) and the Uffizi Gallery.


I felt as if everyone in Florence really appreciated where they were and the ground they were walking on- including the locals. Everyone was taking in the history and beauty. Which is something I don’t see as much in London, people do not appreciate the city as much (me being one of them.) Florence made me realise I like art and history a lot more than I thought I did and also, that I needed to try and see the beauty and history in everywhere I go.


Obviously I have to mention the food, it’s Italy! The food was amazing, everywhere we went was real traditional Italian food- SOOO good. (Not to mention the Gelato!!!!!)


It really was what I expected it to be- pretty cobbled narrow streets, good food and drinks, friendly Italians, traditional Italian street music, fashion, sun and culture.

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Florence is  filled with class, sophistication, art and true history. It really is one of-if not the most beautiful places I have visited. It has the whole package and the perfect balance. I hope one day in the near future I will be reunited with the city.

Firenze, sei sempre nel mio cuore – Florence, forever in my heart.”

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